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Ornamental pruning, Lawn Mowing,  Leaf,  and weed control is included in our regular NE Portland yard maintenance plans. This also includes  all phases yard care. Weeds are repetitive and will hold on even in unfavorable conditions.  We help overcome the weeds of life.


Residential & Commercial Landscape Care

We are more than just landscapers. Admirable Landscapes could also be considered your NE Portland gardener. Contact us if you need NE Portland gardening services.

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Many home fruit growers make the mistake of planting a tree, then neglecting it until it begins to bear. But careful
attention to pruning and training young trees will ultimately determine their productivity and longevity.

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Residential Landscape Challenge

Solution: Admirable Landscapes, LLC©

This landscape job was too small for the “big” Landscape professionals but too complicated for the little inexperienced gardener.

The tree had erosion issues, but piling too much soil around the tree would kill it. It was also very shady, dark, and acidic soil. Not very many plants would grow in this condition.

Garden Samurai Consultant John Knoernschild, suggested placing grey rocks, a few variegated ground covers that could tolerate shade, accented with dark hemlock bark.

The design and install was all done for $700.00